Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Fall and It's Baking Time

It's been almost a month that we have been away from home and loving every minute of it, but all good things must come to an end. Until next year - we'll be Island bound again. Yesterday I took a wonderful baking class at Annie's Table. On the menu was pie making - yummy. Now I can make cookies and squares but my pie crust has a lot to be desired. Well after this class - pies will now be baking in my oven. The most important thing I learnt was everything must be COLD. We made an apple pear rustic tart (pictured here) and a mock cherry pie. The latter is a pie made by Lucy Maud Montgomery using cranberries and raisins because cherries at that time were not available on the island and by the time they got here they were rotten so islanders made do. 

To be honest I am not fond of cherry pie but this one with the cranberries is delicious! The crust was so flaky - I had never tasted any pie like that. Along with that we made lemon lavender scones - delicious little three bite scones perfect with a cup of tea. Another use for my lavender growing in my garden. If you are on PEI , take the time to check out Annie's Table - Culinary Studio, well worth the visit and a class!!

Just a couple of pics from my deck... you can see the Cabot Provincial Park - I think that may be a rug in the works. When I am here I often just go down back roads and explore bits of the island I have not seen. I love old barns and this was one I saw just perched on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. A beautiful spot! Off to do some more exploring - have a great day! Joni

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunday Drive

Studio Door....

I am a country girl at heart. I love the rolling hills dotted with sheep and cows, the ocean views and the vast blue sky. Last Sunday we went to the eastern side of the Island by-passing Charlottetowne.  I am perfectly happy to just stay in the countryside.

We visited Pastimes PEI Rug Hooking Studio in Millview. I visit these ladies every year and we have some lovely chats about rug hooking and this and that. We agreed simple is beautiful. They have some wonderful original designs which speak of Island life.

 If you get a chance drop by - they are always welcoming and Jack will greet you with his own friendly bark. Peter stayed outside with Liam and they had their own little visit with the resident ducks. Liam behaved very well for his first encounter with his feathered friends!

Beautiful sunny day on the North Shore of the Island - wind from the ocean a little brisk with white caps on the water just over the dunes. Have a great day - off to do some rug hooking!..Joni

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Half Gone Half To Go

Half the holiday gone - two weeks to go....
I put away my Shore Birds rug as I ran out of wool. I did not intend it to be that big, so not enough wool was available to continue working on it. I did buy this kit from Deanne.. shhhh it is supposed to be a gift for my Mom. I wanted a kit as I wanted all the wool cut and at hand. I also wanted to work outside my usual box which is muddy muted colours and this rug calls for BRIGHTS! So I was hemming and hawing to sub some colours but decided no I would go with the colour of these houses as they are the colour of the houses you see along the country roads in the Maritimes. I just love the windows. One thing I've learned is instead of hooking a solid colour for the windows - hook a tweed. This is a white and black one and gives you the illusion of the play of light on the window or maybe someone peeking out the window. Don't be afraid to use textures. While hooking this I was making supper....

Supper tonight - fresh Island haddock (coated in Panko)from French River, local PEI potatoes and fresh island broccoli... yummmm my favourite supper fresh fish. Made enough for lunch tomorrow. Off to do more hooking. Enjoy your evening! Joni

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Workshop on Colour

Today I thought I would talk a little about the class I took with Deanne Fitzpatrick of Amherst NS. I had never been to any class related to rug hooking so I was ready for anything. I had no preconceived notions so I was coming in with a clean slate. I loved the whole process- the venue and the class itself. It was so nice to be among fellow hookers as it is a rare opportunity for me. I tend to work in a vacuum and rely on my on line friends for inspiration and encouragement.The following pictures are from Deanne's blog which is a great read. I was so busy hooking and listening I forgot to take pictures!

picture by Lorna from Deanne's blog

picture by Lorna from Deanne's blog

Deanne's studio is beautiful so inspiring - lots of colour and textures. I could have bought so much more! Where we created was lovely. Bright and clean with books and pictures surrounding us - lots of great working surfaces and comfy chairs to embrace us. I should have taken pics of the before but you get the idea. A bunch of hookers and the wool is everywhere! The class was on the theory of colour given by Phyllis Cameron (fiber artist), who was a fountain of knowledge and opened up a whole new way of looking at colour.

Colour work boards by Phyllis from Deanne's blog
Colour work boards by Phyllis from Deanne's blog

I have this instinct about how to put together colour in a rug, but sometimes there is something very jarring about it. Something is not working. You don't know quite what it is but you play around with the fabric and the design and you get that AHA moment. This course was on the theory of how colour works together. the terms to describe their relationship and how you can make colour work. One thing I learned was that NO COLOUR is wrong - it's just how you put it together. You can make any design sing. You just need to know what your goal is and work towards that. There are so many great books and tools available at your fingertips and that discussion is for another day...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Changes to the Blog

Just finished a course with Deanne Fitzpatrick on colour - had a super time and learnt lots. More about that in the coming days.

I am probably going to be changing the format of my blog and talk more about rug hooking and wool applique and everything to do with wool. I'll still talk about baking - cause I love it and anything else I don't consider too personal. I have learnt the hard way that I was too open with comments about my personal life and they were twisted and turned into something ugly by a family member. So I won't be posting any personal stuff on my blog anymore. It will be more about the pleasure and passion of rug hooking :) ... 

I will continue with my FB page as Joni Black and there I will post more personal etc and that is because I can control who sees it. If you are a FB member and want an invite just send me one. My Fully Wooly Primitives FB page is again all about rug hooking or anything else I find inspiring about fiber arts.
Thanks for your understanding....have a great evening. Joni

Sunday, August 12, 2012

In the Dyepots Today

Today I am in dyeing mode. I have been putting it off because of the rain, since I like to hang my pieces outside to dry. I am going to be doing these colours, Wooly Sheep, Tantramar Marsh, Homestead Blue & Lemongrass Tea. Ohhh I just love the blue and the lemongrass. 

When I was in Maine in May I bought myself two white dye pots. They are great as they can hold 2 yards at a time and give the wool that nice mottled look I love. This run I am dyeing 15-1/2 yards - a whole bolt! 

Guess it is going to be over 3 days - no way do I have the time today for all that. Closing ceremonies are on at 4:00PM and I am an Olympic junkie. I only watch sports every two years... isn't that a hoot! Have a great Sunday! 

an earlier dye run of pink posey 

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Sally

My dear mother-in-law has her birthday today. It is not polite to say a ladies age so I won't - but my lord she does not look her age. What did she want for her birthday but a chocolate milk shake. I said at your age you can get or do anything you like! and what a fun day it was.  We went to a new place for us -- Jukebox in Dollard des Ormeaux. She of course had her chocolate milkshake for her lunch and a shot glass of chocolate fudge sundae. Yummy! I had ....

a turkey burger with Suzie Q's - half of it came home with me because of course I had to have a chocolate milkshake which I have not had in years. My better half had the beef burger and Suzie Q's along with a shake. It was all so good!!!! Nice to find a new place that was a success.

My Sally in front of the giant sundae. She finds pleasure in such simple things. Funny you hear horror stories about mother-in-laws but I have to say I love my MIL with all her quirks and her huge smile. She is a special person and I wouldn't have it any other way.

The only thing missing was the little jukeboxes in each booth but there was a big one and the tables and chairs reminded me of our old kitchen sets when we were kids. This place brought back fond memories and we'll go back!

Some pictures of  Liam, my little boy at 6-1/2 months...what a good puppy. 

He is having a good time with his new orange Canada moose I bought him. That's what happens when you have no children - the dog gets it all :)

Sweet face...............

Sorry I have been absent for a month - don't know how often I will get to blog. We are going through a family crisis right now with a member being quite ill so all my energy and focus has been there. So there has been no rug hooking happening. I think at night I only have enough energy to pick up a pair of knitting needles. I am hoping to get some hooking done next month when on holiday in PEI at the cottage on the ocean....sigh...sigh

Have a great day! Joni

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On My Needles

My two little helpers - always have to see what is going on.. they are best buds.

First off Happy July 4th to all my US friends :) How appropos I am watching Independence Day with Will Smith right now. Ok I love this movie!

Today was very hot and muggy. We ended up with torrential rain and a thunderstorm but now it is humid again. The front of my house is a mass of puddles as we are getting the stone walls and stairs redone. So everything is torn up and now muddy. 


I don't have much energy these days except to grab my two needles and knit a few easy projects (meaning scarves, hats and fingerless gloves). Thinking of Christmas presents here. I vowed this year to make many of the gifts. Will also throw in some small chair pad size rugs. Everyone's got chairs and small tables :). I hate heat - it puts me in a bad mood and zaps my energy. I am an autumn person and love the cooler temps.

So getting ahead of myself I used my new ball winder with my swifter (oh what a joy that was - loved it) and wound up some balls of hand dyed wools.

This is what is on my needles right now. A beautiful soft green wool yarn by Tanis Fiber Arts. It is an exclusive club yarn but she has loads of other gorgeous ones. 

I am knitting a very simple scarf pattern with a really nice pattern in it. It will be long with a six inch fringe. A nice and light scarf to wind about my neck. Since this is one of my fave colours - this is a keeper. Tomorrow I will post what's on my frame and what is next in line to be hooked. G'Nite all.....Joni

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vintage Rugs

Bath Time c. Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith, one of my favourite designers has just done three patterns that to me evoke a feeling of the 30-40's. I love the style and the colours and hope to hook them all at some point. I think they make a great addition to a child's room or even to your own collection of rugs. At one time in my life, I collected children's books so can appreciate these rugs even more. I think they would be a lot of fun to hook! I especially love The Sea and plan on hooking it while on holidays in PEI surrounded by ocean and sandy shores. I'll have to make that red sand though :).

The Sea c. Sharon Smith

The Readers c. Sharon Smith

They are all available on my website. Fully Wooly Primitives.
Happy Hooking! Joni

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Honey Bee - copyright Notforgotten Farm - please respect the designer. 

This is the new rug I will be working on. It's a simple primitive pattern by Lori of Notforgotten Farm. I will be hooking the background in my new favourite colour - Robin's Egg Blue. The wings will be a hand dye and the body a wonderful antique gold from Heaven's to Betsey. I will also be hooking a round border on this one to make it a little bigger than it's 11 inch size.

Once I am happy with the colours I will be offering a kit to do this pattern. You can find the original paper pattern on my website right now, but you will have to transfer the design to linen yourself. My kit will include the original paper pattern, the pattern transferred on linen and the wool cut to #8. It's a great pattern for a beginner or a really quick project for an experienced hooker. There will be a limited quantity available - depending upon how many of Lori's original patterns I have on hand.
My finished mat will go on my antique rocking chair. 

My husband just got a new camera and I have been playing with it. Haven't posted any new pics of the little guy, Liam, now 4-1/2 months and a going concern!  Here are a couple.....

and this is where we sit most afternoons...a lovely cool spot in the garden. Just waiting for the clematis to start blooming.

Have a great day! Joni

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maine Jaunts

Nubble Lighthouse

I am back from holidays in Maine and had a super time. I was able to feed on fresh fish every day and the weather was gorgeous. Did more sightseeing this year and managed to take some lovely pictures of lighthouses only to have my app on my phone go bust and lose most of the pics. :( so upsetting! 

We made our way to Camp Wool in Kennebunkport. What a glorious place. So much wool - so many patterns - too much to see that I went back twice! I was only allowed to take a picture of the front of the store so can't show you any of the goodies inside.

Camp Wool - Kennebunkport
 I did buy a wonderful prim pattern there with pomegranates and birds that I want to hook in oranges and blues. It's by Edith O'Neill but this wonderful version was hooked by Pat Freasier....

copyright design - Edith O'Neill - Woolley Fox

Also made our way to Cushing Dyes.. where of course we picked up a few bits of wool and dyes :) On the same trip we dropped in for the best donuts in Maine at Congdon Donuts. Their Boston Cremes are to die for. Bought enough to pig out for a couple of days!

After going to the same place in Maine for years we finally discovered the best fresh fish place down the road in Pine Point, Maine - Bayley's Lobster Pound.

There is even a little eating area that juts out into the water. Unfortunately this was the one and only cloudy day that we had - but it must be a pretty spot when it is sunny and clear. Right across the street is a park with a beach. Great place to eat your lobster roll for an impromptu picnic.

 Can't believe we did not find this place before this year and it is only about a 10 minute drive to it. Needless to say we were there every night after we discovered it. The first night I made fresh local haddock in coating of Japanese bread crumbs. So deeelicious!

After all the eating, I did manage to have the energy to finish my Coastal Girls rug which I will post this week once I bind it and make it more presentable. I am glad I got it done and love the way the sky came together. 

And just a few more pictures of the southern Maine coast that I was able to save...

A view from our place overlooking the water while hooking...

Some pictures of the southern coast of Maine....

Now 3 months to wait before we are off to PEI for a holiday in the cottage by the sea :) Hope to get lots of hooking done then!
Have a great evening.. Joni