Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just a relaxing week!

 So made it through my first hurricane on the Island – lots of wind and rain but thank God did not lose any power. The house shook quite a bit, but there are no trees around so didn’t have to worry about that. Everything outdoors was secured and the car parked in a sheltered place. Supplies laid in and I think I was well prepared. The ocean was wild with lots of white caps. Earl came through pretty fast and so did not last long – the brunt of it was felt in Nova Scotia.

Mama Meow copyright Warren Kimble/WoolleyDesigns
Raining right now so a perfect day to finish my Mama Meow rug. This was a fun rug to do and I can’t wait to get it bound up. I have to tweak a couple of places because they are bothering me but otherwise I am pretty happy with it. I can’t say it was my biggest at 21x30 but definitely one of them. Wait until I start on my custom pattern from Deanne Fitzpatrick – that will probably be my largest – that will definitely be a keeper. Have a spot for it all picked out.

Stopped by Deanne’s studio in Amherst, NS where I saw some of her glorious rugs. The pictures do not do them justice. Was so happy to have the opportunity to visit the shop and if you are in the area it is definitely a must! Just drool over the wool yardage selection and the wool yarn is beautiful – had to restrain myself but did pick up a kit – I am just itching to hook it. But it has to wait it’s turn.

Market Day 1809 - copyright Joni Black

Right now I’m hooking one of my original patterns called Market Day 1809. It was originally a punch needle design but a customer approached me to have it done as a rug hooking kit and I was only too happy to have her do it. So happy in fact, that I bought one of the kits from her. If interested you can contact her at

If you are looking for the pattern you can find it on my website under Punch Needle Patterns.

Off to do some more hooking – it’s a gray day with a bit of a cool nip in the air. Just a perfectly relaxing day!
Have a great day....

Mama Meow copyright Warren Kimble/Woolley Designs

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meeting Earl

I can't believe it is September. Where did the summer go??

Well finally off to our holidays tomorrow. Going to bask in the sun, eat lobster and stroll the beaches. In between that I am going to try to finish a rug and start another one. Also have some knitting and cross stitch to do. Then again I may not do anything but eat, sleep and read.

Unfortunately there is Earl waiting to give me a rough start to the holiday. I'll either be on the Island Saturday morning before they close down the bridge (if they close it down) or I will be hunkered down in Moncton waiting for the storm to roll through. We'll see what happens as no one is quite sure 100% where it will hit.

Anyway I am prepared and bought myself a pair of authentic British wellies! One of my favourite candies Bassets All Sorts (has to be Bassets). So I am going to sit in a hotel -  in front of the TV - order in and hunker down for the storm with my pretty wellies on my feet. As soon as the car shakes I head for the hills..or in this case a hotel.

G'nite Joni