Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AWOL in Maine

                                            sunrise at the ocean

I have been absent for awhile - how time flies. I was immersed in Farmville and have now found my way out of the initial onslaught of being on the farm and making sure I did not miss anything, LOL
Also been busy with my new website design which will be launched in June. There were so many details to learn, uploading and re-organizing the site that it has taken longer than I thought.

Right now I am in Maine for a week by the ocean - one of my favourite places. Provides all kinds of inspiration and lo and behold what was waiting for me but a box of sumptious woolens by Rebecca Erb. Enough to inspire me for sure!

I have been working on some cross stitch after finally getting a pair of magnifying eyeglasses. I ordered some X6 and was so disappointed - i needed to hold the piece 3 inches from my nose - yikes. settled on x2.25. Why i am taking up cross stitch again at this time in life is beyond me.

 I do design for a publisher who loved my punch needle and wanted me to convert to xstitch so that has kept me busy the past 6 months.

Stacy Nash pattern

The project I am working on right now is a Stacy Nash pattern only available through a club done by he Country Sampler. I love this piece - not sure if I will sell it or not.

So here is my view from my window in my Maine retreat. Getting lots of reading done and knitting a sock or two. What more can one say when we have a  view like this.

and a  storm coming in tonight - g'nite...Joni