Saturday, June 9, 2012

Maine Jaunts

Nubble Lighthouse

I am back from holidays in Maine and had a super time. I was able to feed on fresh fish every day and the weather was gorgeous. Did more sightseeing this year and managed to take some lovely pictures of lighthouses only to have my app on my phone go bust and lose most of the pics. :( so upsetting! 

We made our way to Camp Wool in Kennebunkport. What a glorious place. So much wool - so many patterns - too much to see that I went back twice! I was only allowed to take a picture of the front of the store so can't show you any of the goodies inside.

Camp Wool - Kennebunkport
 I did buy a wonderful prim pattern there with pomegranates and birds that I want to hook in oranges and blues. It's by Edith O'Neill but this wonderful version was hooked by Pat Freasier....

copyright design - Edith O'Neill - Woolley Fox

Also made our way to Cushing Dyes.. where of course we picked up a few bits of wool and dyes :) On the same trip we dropped in for the best donuts in Maine at Congdon Donuts. Their Boston Cremes are to die for. Bought enough to pig out for a couple of days!

After going to the same place in Maine for years we finally discovered the best fresh fish place down the road in Pine Point, Maine - Bayley's Lobster Pound.

There is even a little eating area that juts out into the water. Unfortunately this was the one and only cloudy day that we had - but it must be a pretty spot when it is sunny and clear. Right across the street is a park with a beach. Great place to eat your lobster roll for an impromptu picnic.

 Can't believe we did not find this place before this year and it is only about a 10 minute drive to it. Needless to say we were there every night after we discovered it. The first night I made fresh local haddock in coating of Japanese bread crumbs. So deeelicious!

After all the eating, I did manage to have the energy to finish my Coastal Girls rug which I will post this week once I bind it and make it more presentable. I am glad I got it done and love the way the sky came together. 

And just a few more pictures of the southern Maine coast that I was able to save...

A view from our place overlooking the water while hooking...

Some pictures of the southern coast of Maine....

Now 3 months to wait before we are off to PEI for a holiday in the cottage by the sea :) Hope to get lots of hooking done then!
Have a great evening.. Joni 


moosecraft said...

Such beautiful scenery! Maine is a great place to relax. We used to visit northern Maine every summer when I was a child. The pattern you chose to hook is going to be a fun one! Can't wait to see your progress!

marie said...

I remember many a lobster roll as a kid growing up in RI. The Maine coast reminds me of the Oregon coast where I now live. I often wonder the reason behind 'no pictures'--what big secret do they think you might steal by taking a picture. To me--it's free advertising for them.

Anonymous said...

I live on the coast of Maine, just a couple hours north of where you were! Glad you had a good time while here, next time come a bit further up the coast. there's more to discover.

And, my most recent mat is the Notforgotten Farm bee. It's so cute!

I enjoy your blog.

Debby from Maine