Sunday, January 30, 2011

Island Cottage Needlearts - Eliza's Heart

copyright Island Cottage Needlearts
A new design by Island Cottage Needlearts available on my website...Fully Wooly Primitives under cross -stitch. This is called Eliza's Heart and is the second in a series of 12. Next release is mid-February. These are cross stitch designs combined with hand dyed wool to make what is called a Stuffed Woolie. Sold as a kit which includes fabrics. Easy, fun and makes a wonderful gift.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Prim Nest - New Artist Venue

I will be posting new items on this venue PRIM NEST starting in March 2011. It looks to be an awesome site with really talented artists showcasing their talents.. you can check out their blog here..Prim Nest

It's been a busy day - the kitchen is being remodeled so everyhing is everywhere and I have an order for 200 patterns that requires my dye pots and lots of space -ahhhhhhh.

Gnite Joni

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ended up a Baking Day

Yup the car never started - appointment cancelled.. what to do today....hmmm..baking always a soothing pastime and it seems to be more of a winter thing for me. cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger wafting through the house. time for carrot cake with cream cheese frosting baked in individual cake molds... a nice tea time treat with a cup of green tea. Could have been worse :)....

Working at Home Part Two - Hibernation

Now I know why bears hibernate. It's too darn cold! (-40 with the wind), Going out in a few mintues to see if the car will start. I have been hibernating. If I did not have an appointment today I would be staying home. When you don't have a regular place to go to everyday I am finding I am putting off going out. I try to schedule everything to be done in one day. Today's outing cannot be cancelled.

Coastal Girls copyright Deanne Fitzpatrick

Weather like this gives me a good excuse to plop myself in my most comfy leather chair piled with quilts, a movie or two on the TV, a cup of wintermint green tea by my side, some yummy cranberry/pistachio biscotti and my rug hooking on my lap.  This is what I am working on right now. I picked something out of my comfort zone. I love Deanne Fitzpatrick's style, so when I was in Nova Scotia this fall, I dropped by her studio and picked out this kit. I preferred to have her choose the colours since this called for bright colours and my stash of wool tends to be on the primitive style (understated colours). I am having so much fun with this one, that in my own designs there may be some brighter colours making an appearance. It's always nice to go out of the box and learn a few new things about yourself.

Off to start the car - --- and keep my fingers crossed. Keep warm for all of you braving these cold temps and for those that are enjoying warm ones - jealousy rears its ugle head LOL Joni

Friday, January 7, 2011

Working at Home Part One - Foot Attire

I have never been one to have a purchase dictated by a brand name but these UGG slippers just called to me as a "MUST HAVE". I am always going through slippers - don't know why. I think the little fur paws do away with them some how. Either they get chewed up by the slumbering pile of black and white fur or carried off by my nimble pixie cat. She just loves those sock/slipper ones and I have no idea where she hides the missing one. I am sure I will come across a pile of long lost ones tucked away.

So I came across these (on-line of course) seems the only way I am shopping these days as I have a terrible dread of shopping malls and stores in general (unless it is craft). I hate buying clothes but give me a shoe store or a handbag store and I can gleefully make a purchase there. Easier to fit a shoe or handbag to one's person. Trying on clothes is one of the worse things to do on my dislike list - which is to say I love my foot attire (though a casual style - no heels for this girl) and bags while I am quite happy in just jeans and LL Bean t-shirts.

Now that I am at home all the time - I can see my attire of the day will be UGG slippers/jeans/t-shirt which makes this girl very happy... something to smile about. Just have to make sure I brush my hair, my teeth and put deoderant on and I am set to go. Though I must say I am noticing that I don't know what day it is sometimes - very confusing when I once worked with 4 calendars going at the same time and now I have none.

Well off to work on some cross-stitch patterns that have a deadline.