Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On My Needles

My two little helpers - always have to see what is going on.. they are best buds.

First off Happy July 4th to all my US friends :) How appropos I am watching Independence Day with Will Smith right now. Ok I love this movie!

Today was very hot and muggy. We ended up with torrential rain and a thunderstorm but now it is humid again. The front of my house is a mass of puddles as we are getting the stone walls and stairs redone. So everything is torn up and now muddy. 


I don't have much energy these days except to grab my two needles and knit a few easy projects (meaning scarves, hats and fingerless gloves). Thinking of Christmas presents here. I vowed this year to make many of the gifts. Will also throw in some small chair pad size rugs. Everyone's got chairs and small tables :). I hate heat - it puts me in a bad mood and zaps my energy. I am an autumn person and love the cooler temps.

So getting ahead of myself I used my new ball winder with my swifter (oh what a joy that was - loved it) and wound up some balls of hand dyed wools.

This is what is on my needles right now. A beautiful soft green wool yarn by Tanis Fiber Arts. It is an exclusive club yarn but she has loads of other gorgeous ones. 

I am knitting a very simple scarf pattern with a really nice pattern in it. It will be long with a six inch fringe. A nice and light scarf to wind about my neck. Since this is one of my fave colours - this is a keeper. Tomorrow I will post what's on my frame and what is next in line to be hooked. G'Nite all.....Joni