Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things I Thought I Would Never Do!

I am an avid reader and consume books voraciously. I love reading and often read 3-4 books at a time. I am very eclectic in my reading and sometimes you will find a mystery, thriller, sci-fi, health, craft book on my bedside table - coffee table - purse etc.

I just love reading and have been doing so since a kid. The best Christmas gift was always a few books and still is. Every year I make my wish list and Peter manages to buy everything on the list. I have learned to be selective on my wish list. Which leads to what I never thought I would do? Buy a Kindle. I pooh-poohed it as something that I would never hold in my hands but honestly the book situation was getting out of hand - too much money and not enough space to store them all. So I researched e-books and said ok we will try it. I LOVE IT! Yes it is not paper and when I do need my fix I do have my craft books and my cookbooks to wend my way through - but for general reading - this is a great tool. I read faster and get to read more books and best of all there is no trying to figure out what to do with the books. I was surprised at how few organizations want free books :(...

So that was my first never thought I would:

The second was playing computer games. I love my computer and do all kinds of things on it - the greatest invention of mankind but games - no way - I don't have time for it. Well a few months ago my nephew went to work in Mexico and the family decided to sign up on FACEBOOK to keep in touch. He came back and FACEBOOK was left to the side until one of my other nephews invited me to play FARMVILLE. I was hooked. Now I have enlisted 2 other members of the family and we compete against each other - all 6 of us - do live chat and have fun. It has been a great tool for communication and to keep in touch. So yes I have joined the gaming world and if you are on FACEand want to be a friend just send me a msg. Maybe you too would like to play Farmville.:)

Besides those two other past times I did manage to finish my mixed media tags - which were a lot of fun - They are for sale on Pfatt Marketplace.

G'nite -Joni