Saturday, September 8, 2012

Changes to the Blog

Just finished a course with Deanne Fitzpatrick on colour - had a super time and learnt lots. More about that in the coming days.

I am probably going to be changing the format of my blog and talk more about rug hooking and wool applique and everything to do with wool. I'll still talk about baking - cause I love it and anything else I don't consider too personal. I have learnt the hard way that I was too open with comments about my personal life and they were twisted and turned into something ugly by a family member. So I won't be posting any personal stuff on my blog anymore. It will be more about the pleasure and passion of rug hooking :) ... 

I will continue with my FB page as Joni Black and there I will post more personal etc and that is because I can control who sees it. If you are a FB member and want an invite just send me one. My Fully Wooly Primitives FB page is again all about rug hooking or anything else I find inspiring about fiber arts.
Thanks for your understanding....have a great evening. Joni

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moosecraft said...

Looking forward to some woolly updates! :-)