Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Fall and It's Baking Time

It's been almost a month that we have been away from home and loving every minute of it, but all good things must come to an end. Until next year - we'll be Island bound again. Yesterday I took a wonderful baking class at Annie's Table. On the menu was pie making - yummy. Now I can make cookies and squares but my pie crust has a lot to be desired. Well after this class - pies will now be baking in my oven. The most important thing I learnt was everything must be COLD. We made an apple pear rustic tart (pictured here) and a mock cherry pie. The latter is a pie made by Lucy Maud Montgomery using cranberries and raisins because cherries at that time were not available on the island and by the time they got here they were rotten so islanders made do. 

To be honest I am not fond of cherry pie but this one with the cranberries is delicious! The crust was so flaky - I had never tasted any pie like that. Along with that we made lemon lavender scones - delicious little three bite scones perfect with a cup of tea. Another use for my lavender growing in my garden. If you are on PEI , take the time to check out Annie's Table - Culinary Studio, well worth the visit and a class!!

Just a couple of pics from my deck... you can see the Cabot Provincial Park - I think that may be a rug in the works. When I am here I often just go down back roads and explore bits of the island I have not seen. I love old barns and this was one I saw just perched on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. A beautiful spot! Off to do some more exploring - have a great day! Joni

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Farm Girl said...

I love your photos today.I would stare at that barn for hours and I think it would be wonderful to turn that photo of the barn over looking the ocean in a giant oil painting. I wish I painted. It is so hauntingly beautiful and lonely. Are you on PEI right now? My whole life I have dreamed of going there. I love that you made that pie. If I ever get there I will go to that place.
If you ever decide to sell a print of that photo I would buy it. :)
I know I never told you but the goods I bought from you came so beautifully packaged and I felt like I was so special by the care you put into my purchases. They were works of art and I loved your paper. Thank you,