Friday, July 23, 2010

More Dyed Wool #2!

So this is my next lot of dyed fabrics that I put together. I love picking colours and trying to get a theme going - that is always a lot of fun for me. Hopefully customers will like the selections I have made. These are fantastic stash builders!. I made sure to set some aside for my stash. Oh if only I had kept a piece of each fabric I dyed - oh wait I would have to have another room set aside for wool/crafts - two is the limit - next I will be sleeping in a tent outside. Thank God for the shed we bought for storage!

Pumpkin Fields
That Special Blue

Primitive Plum

Tomorrow is a busy day. There are a couple of cross stitch designs to finalize and then I want to finish a rug and start a new punch needle and oh yes start designing some wool applique kits - did I say I only have the weekend? Maybe I will have some time to do a bit of reading. It really should be 3 days of work and 4 days of playing with crafts, hobbies and stuff we all love to do, don't you think? Now that makes more sense :) Ok from this list I see I will have to organize my time but will probably end up just doing what I feel like doing as usual :) Off to finish a cross stitch model. g'nite..Joni

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Melissa Marro said...

Beautiful dying... I love the warm rich fall colors. They look super soft too.... NICE JOB!

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