Saturday, July 10, 2010

More dyed wool!

It was a wild evening yesterday - weatherwise! Sheets of rain - local flooding, downed trees, lightning and thunder with the promise of relief from the extremely high humidity we have been experiencing. Well that relief lasted a few hours and now climbing back up.
Since I have AC (absolutely necessary for doing dye runs) I decided to dye another batch of wools... love all these colours! They are going to be bundled with some Rebecca Erb wools and sold on my website.

The hibiscus is in full bloom and looking gorgeous. I am usually partial to red flowers but these yellow ones are so pretty. I thought I would expand my palette :)

 Ok I have to admit I am not much of a gardener. I prefer to be sitting down hooking a rug or doing some other needlework. I always said if I won a million dollars - a gardener would be on the top of the list. It just takes away from my sewing time. Maybe if I was not working out of the home I'd feel different, but I do love to have pretty flowers around me. Having said all that and admitting to not having much of  a green thumb I have to say my orchids are a feather in my cap. They seem to be the only things I can grown indoors. They seem to survive my winter care and as soon as the weather gets warmer out they go.  What I love about them is they bloom for months! My kind of flower :) Have a great summery day!

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Susan said...

Love to you & the Gang. Wow ! you've been on a posting kick I must come back when I have more time and catch up. Hot & humid here but there's a lovely breeze coming in from the ocean. Happy Weekend ! xo Susan, Winnie & les Chats