Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dyed Wool

It's 11:30 pm - a gorgeous evening with a wonderful breeze. The door is wide open to the outside screened in deck where I will be sitting after I write this. Got my Kindle ready, my cup of tea and a great book to immerse myself in. I am into thrillers these days - pure summer escapism!

This weekend I got the dye pots out and started dyeing fabric. I love the process of  wool fibers becoming saturated with colour. I have been doing it for years now so the steps are pretty automatic. It is the excitement of a new colour emerging that is the wow factor for me.  Tried some new colours and combined the hand dyes with the new Rebecca Erb fabric that arrived in Maine for some pretty unique bundles. This time I am keeping some of the wool for my own stash and in preparation for a new rug I am planning.

These bundles will be in the new on-line shop next week.
Here are a couple of the new offerings...

Caramel Apple

Green Tea & Raspberries

Have to mention that last week I finished a great great book called "The Passage".
I loved it and couldn't have enjoyed it more. It is an end of the world genre with some vampires thrown in but not your typical vampire fare. Much more complex and I read that it is the first of a trilogy so that was good news.

Update on my cat rug - I am just now doing the border so hopefully will have that finished in a couple of weeks. Publishing deadlines are a priority right now. :)

Off to read my book in the stillness of late evening. G'nite - Joni

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