Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Now this is a beach!

I love travelling vicariously through someone else's photos.
So I could not fit myself in my brother's suitcase but my sister-in-law's brother (Manny) was kind enough to post these pics of Crete, Greece. The beach is in Elafonissi. I am sure he will not mind that I have used them here. The water looks unbelievable and it is probably too hot for me but what can I say - I think I could bear the heat if I was presented with such gorgeous surroundings. Manny I will be there next year LOL... My nephew enjoying a swim. Can you  believe the blue of this water.

Now this is what you call switchbacks - I had to look twice to see that indeed they were roads. Not something I would drive in the dark.

What a view - I did not realize it was so mountainous.

And this little pup is having his afternoon siesta which is basically what the whole country does - it being so hot.

Hmmmm one can only dream...........

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