Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hand Dyed Threads

Oh joy! in the mail today I received a surprise - hand dyed 3 strand cotton threads from Weeks Dye Works. I can't wait to try this on my newest punch needle design. I think this will be a kit with the newest threads in some real prim colours! Nothing like new colours to inspire you.

As you know we have been hit with a heat wave - the worse we have seen in years. So hot that it is even difficult to breathe and the air quality is not the best. On those days I go from my AC car to my AC office back to my AC car and into my AC house where I hibernate until it is over. I figure if the pup does not go out and he oves the outdoors then it makes sense for me to stay in too. Gives me time to do my most favourite thing - crafting.

The heaviness of the air calls for a light refreshing dessert while I watch the Blindside. I whipped this one together - sometimes the most simple is the most gratifying - of fresh plump blueberries layed with devon custard and sprinkled with Giradelli unsweetened cocoa. Having said that I am not giving up my decadent 4 layer chocolate truffle cake that I splurge on occasionally. A girl's got to have her vices. :)

No reading in the breezeway tonight - it will have to be indoors tonight. Have a great evening...g'nite.Joni

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