Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Meeting Earl

I can't believe it is September. Where did the summer go??

Well finally off to our holidays tomorrow. Going to bask in the sun, eat lobster and stroll the beaches. In between that I am going to try to finish a rug and start another one. Also have some knitting and cross stitch to do. Then again I may not do anything but eat, sleep and read.

Unfortunately there is Earl waiting to give me a rough start to the holiday. I'll either be on the Island Saturday morning before they close down the bridge (if they close it down) or I will be hunkered down in Moncton waiting for the storm to roll through. We'll see what happens as no one is quite sure 100% where it will hit.

Anyway I am prepared and bought myself a pair of authentic British wellies! One of my favourite candies Bassets All Sorts (has to be Bassets). So I am going to sit in a hotel -  in front of the TV - order in and hunker down for the storm with my pretty wellies on my feet. As soon as the car shakes I head for the hills..or in this case a hotel.

G'nite Joni


Rosie said...

Had to laugh at your wellies, I live in Sheffield in the UK where we have the original Bassets factory. My nephew works there and often comes with huge bags of sweets for us. Cool wellies!

Joni of Fully Wooly Primitives said...

They came in handy and I was the talk of the town with those wellies on my feet.. good enough to eat! thanks