Saturday, August 16, 2008

We won 3!

Well it finally happened - we won 3 medals overnight in the space of 45 minutes. There was much despair in the family that Canada was not going to come home with any.
Our family are big Olympic fans. The TV is on the CBC channel night and day during the two weeks. It is probably the only time I watch sports constantly. I am not a big sports fan except at the Olympics and that is when I get my fill for 4 years. Vancouver, Canada will have the winter olympics in 2010. That will be something to look forward to. Can't decide whether I like the summer or the winter games. What the heck I love it all! Congrats all Olympians...

Checking out the orchids to see how they are doing. They are such unique flowers. I have just started my orchid collection and getting into it slowly. I want to make sure that this is something I can grow - knowing my green thumb. Right now they are spending the summer in the breezeway where I sit and read and can admire them. The winter will be the telling of whether it will be a success or not - indoor heating can be very temperamental - especially in our house where I like cool temps for my sanity and saving the $$$.
Off to make chocolate chip cookies with Ghiradelli semi-sweet morsels.. a treat. Watch more Olympics and finish up some punch needle.

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