Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ocean Breezes

I have been thinking of the Maritimes a lot - it is my home away from home and a place which I love. This is the time of year we normally go, so it is in my mind. It is again a hot and still night. Poor Roby is flaked out on his back in much appreciated air conditioning after his walk.

Bath time furry rug xxoo - you can just see his head peeking out :)

Thinking of the Maritimes and a much wanted ocean breeze on this hot muggy night brought to mind my first hooked rug I did which certainly captures ocean breezes. It is designed by Deanne Fitzpatrick and if you have not been to her site - you need to go and look at her gallery of quilts. She is one of my favourite artists and lives in Amherst, Nova Scotia not far from where my husband's family - the Black family has lived all their lives in Sackville, New Brunswick. Her rugs depict Maritime life and her portrayal of people is amazing.

I hooked this rug using all hand dyed wools and some roving for texture in the sky. It was very ambitious on my part having never done a rug to take on a sky using so many different wools while the ground amazingly uses only one hand dyed wool with lots of variation. This is one of my favourite rugs as it combines my love of quilts and a feeling of things past. I like to think of this Maritimer hanging her quilts on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean catching those wonderful sea breezes.

I came across this poem while reading about Maritime rugs...


I am the family wardrobe, best and worst of all the generations from the first,

Grandpa's Sunday-go-to-meetin' coat,

And the woolen muffler he wore at his throat;

Grandma's shawl, that came from Fayal;

Ma's wedding gown, three times turned and once let down,

Which once was plum but now turned brown;

Pa's red flannels, that made him itch;

Pants and shirts; petticoats and skirts;

From one or another, but I can't tell which.

Tread carefully, because you see, if you scuff me.

You scratch the bark of the family tree.

Good night!

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