Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We are having some up and down days lately. Our little orange buddy took off for 6 days over Christmas and came back just before New Years - terribly sick. He has been at the vets since Saturday undergoing tests and we went to see him tonight. He is seriously ill and they have not pinpointed exactly what is wrong but I have seen the X-rays and I keep hoping and thinking I am prepared but you never are. So we will know over the next couple of days after some more tests what kind of decision we need to make. I wish our furry beasts lived longer. How many do we part with during our lifetime? I guess the most we can do is love them as much and as best as we can while we have them. Such unconditional love we get from them.

Good nite ..Joni

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Susan said...

Thanks for posting the beautiful photo of Noogs. Animals teach us so much. We'll be thinking about you lots and we're sending a loving prayer for sweet Noogs.

Lots of love, Susan, Miss d, Bleet, Oliver & Gus