Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Moment in History

I am glued to the TV watching the inauguration. I have been waiting for years for this and never thought to see it. I hope that the new President and his government can make some headway through this mire of muck that we see ourselves in. I say we, because as a Canadian it has affected us here too. His speech, I felt was powerful in its realism of the situation. I hope that the resolve of this 44th president will inspire the confidence and hope in all peoples. Such a momentous day that even now I have to pinch myself to say " Yes it has and by the will of the people who said Yes we can".. change is in the air and it is powerful!

The amount of people watching the event was unbelievable. I started watching it at 6:00am and the crowds just grew and overflowed. Now watching the parade and I think this is a first for me too. The day I hear he is coming to Ottawa will definitely be a road trip. Another first. Maybe the upcoming year will be a list of many firsts...That will make for an exciting and challenging time.


Alette Siri Ane said...

I say the same from my place in the world.What the USsay,does and who they support have so much to say for my country also.I have been so saddened these 2 last weeks of what has been happening in Gaza.may the world start healing

Susan said...

A year of firsts ... hey I'm in.
lots of love Susan & Gang