Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

I have been very busy with the holiday season and have not not been very diligent about posting to my blog.

Had a lovely Christmas! Santa was very good to me and went shopping at Deanne Fitzpatrick's website bringing me all kinds of rug hooking goodies. Got this new hook that I am very anxious to try out. It will get a lot of use finishing up the cat rug I have promised myself to finish by the end of January. Mine is the wood grain one on the far left - cool!!
photo copyright Deanne Fitzpatrick
This is a print I got from her which is one of my favourite rugs of hers. It is called "Standing by the Monument" and is based on a photograph taken by Ted Pritchard of women in their later years that were babies during the Halifax Explosion. The border reads - "Unlike the poet, my life has most often taken the road that is well travelled and I have made it whole with gifts of bread to neighbours."
copyright Deanne Fitzpatrick

I don't make NY resolutions. I know what I have to do and I try my best to do it and if it does not happen I don't stress out. Life happens. Sure there are goals I would like to achieve and hopefully by the end of 2009 it will happen - if not - oh well!

Did lots of baking and had lots of big family dinner parties = 19 for a sit down dinner (my sister loves to host them..thank you for that). I even made some confectionery which I never do. Get some pictures of those posted on the weekend. We had lots of family fun which I think is important. Soon it will be time to take down the tree and put the decorations away and settle down for the winter and some punch needle and rug hooking.

Have taken up knitting again. I love the new hand painted yarns out there. My preference is for small quick projects so i stick to socks, mittens, scarves and shawls. May try my hand at felting purses. Found a great website with some very creative knitting - Cat Bordhi and of course that led to all kinds of surfing. These have to be the cutest place markers I have seen. I usually keep track of stitches on paper but then thought place markers and where could I find some really creative ones - on Etsy of course. These are wonderful from Crimson Orchid.
copyright photo Crimson Orchid
So as I said it has been a busy month and I am already into knitting socks for next year's gift. 2008 I was so behind that that stressed me out. 2009 goal is to make sure I get more hand made gifts done.
All the best for 2009 - good health, much happiness and may you be successful in all your endeavours!
Good night - Joni

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Gayle said...

So have you had a chance to use your new hook yet? How do you like it?