Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Year - New Projects

These are some of the projects I have been preparing. I love making pincushions. They are small, made quickly and very precious in their smallness. With punch needle you can get a lot of detail in just a few punches of the needle. These boxed pincushions shown here are two of a set of six. I have a 20 year background of quilting so often quilting designs inspire me. This project is based on old quilt patterns that had meaning in every day life. They were a lot of fun to make and I am sure will eventually end up as a pattern booklet sometime this year - hmmm patterns of punch needle pincushions - that's an idea. I love smalls!

These are available on Pfatt Marketplace - a wonderful place where you can find all kinds of talented artists. Some more of these pincushions will be popping up on Etsy and some on TDIPT this month.

The bottom pincushion is available as a complete kit for those punch needle enthusiasts out there. Contact me if you are interested. I plan on making a couple for the mothers in my life - come Mother's Day.

The Christmas holidays are over and now it seems we talk about summer holidays. I hope to make it to my favourite spot - PEI - in September with Peter and the hairy beastie - the pooch. Before that Mom and I make our annual pilgrimage to Maine in May. We have been doing it for years and all we do is eat, relax, soak in some sun if we are lucky and just gaze at the ocean. We rent a lovely place right on the beach. Can't say enough about the ocean. For me it just is not a holiday without it.

Roby got his first professional grooming last Saturday. OK he is 5 years old but I could not stand leaving him with anyone even for a couple of hours. So I found a groomer that comes to the house and Roby got pampered. I was so nervous as to how he would be - he does not like me brushing him and it is always a tug of war - have you seen that dog - he earns the name hairy beastie. He was good as gold and I sighed a big sigh of relief. Got a big kiss from his Mommy and even better a cookie treat!

Update on Noogs... our little orange boy came home last night after being at the vet's for a week. He is eating again and they have stabilized him. We hope for the best and have done all we can to help him to good health. Now it is up to him and we'll just play it day by day. What a sweet baby. They said he was well behaved - had a wonderful temperament and even when sick, purred. He was so glad to be home last night and reacquainted himself with all his favourite spots in the house...

Everyone is safe and sound in our humble abode. Snow is lightly falling and it is going to be very cold tomorrow but we are all snug and warm. Goodnite.. Joni


Susan said...

Such great news about your Noogs. We'll be thinking about him and all your other furry beasts. xo, S.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Best wishes for the recovery of yer kitty.

Those pincushions are gorgeous!

Eleanor said...

I always love your pincushions! Grooming your 'hairy beastie' looks like a real challenge. I washed my Labbies twice during the holiday and was breathless at the end of it. Galahad is constantly in the swimming pool and then in the dirt so it doesn't help much! I would like to be snuggled up in a snowy environment just for a night! Then I would begin to miss the sunshine!