Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reality of Cross-Stitch and Age

I guess I have this thing about pincushions - one of my newest creations. I love making pincushions. They are small, can be made quickly and are very satisfying when finished. This one reflects my love of old quilt patterns. This beautiful pattern is based on the Rose of Sharon. I punched it using my hand dyed wool threads and stuffed it will sheep's wool from the western plains of the USA. I like to keep to my wool theme as much as possible. Besides wool is such a nice medium for your needles. This one is for sale on TDIPT Mercantile.
I'll be posting more in the upcoming months.. the ideas are there but it is the time to do it which is the crux of the matter. Oh to be able to stay home and just create would be my idea of heaven!

The days are cooler and the nights even cold, but I love it. This is the time of the year when all the yummy harvests come in. It is the time of year when I start thinking about my favourite vegetable - buttercup squash.

I bring in the squash - cook it - puree it - season it with butter, pepper and nutmeg - stuff myself with lots of it and then freeze the rest for the winter. Makes such a nice addition to the Christmas dinner. Came across this site What's Cooking America? which gets down to the nitty gritty of squash and lots of great recipes for all kinds of foods.

You know you are getting older when you need to use a magnifying glass to do your needlework. Eons ago I scoffed at these tools and said I would never use one. How the mighty fall! I started doing itty bitty cross-stitch a couple of months ago. Something I had done many years ago but since discovering Stacy Nash designs have found a new love for it.
I am now working with 28 to 32 count. Ok that is small. After trying to cross-stitch (now I know it is cross for cross-eyed) I ran to the local needlework shop and desperately asked if they had one of those magnifying things you need to use to see! I got myself one that hooks onto my Ott lamp and I am back in business and happy as anything to be able to see those teeny tiny stitches at a more reasonable size. Happy days. Motto of the day " Never say never".

To the left is a beautiful pattern by Stacy called "1782 Wall pocket and another one below called "Biscornu Pinkeep" Both are available on my website. Her style is so primitive and looks like something that has been around for years.

This evening is devoted to using that magnifying glass and getting the current project done - now that it is much more enjoyable! G'night.

All patterns copyright Stacy Nash except for the top one which is Joni Black.


Dogpatch Primitives said...

your pin cushions are just gorgeous Joni!

I too love yummy buttercup and hubbard squash. I just picked some up from the farmers market myself. I like to bake it w/ a little brown sugar and some butter, salt and pepper.

Eleanor said...

I think your the little rose pin cushion on the black background is stunning. Just the kind of treasure I like. The pics of the pumpkins are lovely. Here we can get butternut all year round and it is a staple! Like the comment before me, I like it baked in the oven with butter, brown sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamom. I left you a little something on my blog.
Oh, and I often wish I could just do the creative things I love and not work for a salary! Love Eleanor