Sunday, September 21, 2008

Free Hugs

It's a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. A really feel good day. I have been cruising You Tube all morning, watching political speeches, interviews and listening to some music. I am a late bloomer and discovered You Tube a couple of months ago, but to be fair to myself my old desktop computer was such a dinosaur that any attempts at viewing anything was next to impossible. With the new laptop things are moving along at high speed :).

I came across this video/idea which I thought was a simple thing to do and really makes you connect with someone. People should do it more. We live in very dire times and I think it is important that we remember that essentially we are all the same. I am not going on my soap box so I'll just say give someone a hug! Enjoy.

Please note it has 30 million hits so may take awhile to download. I tried early morning so I was able to see it. If you can't see it now - come back later. It's worth it. Thanks Joni

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