Sunday, September 21, 2008

I love Your Blog

I was just awarded an "I love your Blog" from Eleanor of Thatchwick Cottage. So sweet of you Eleanor! I have linked you to the award listed to the right and the rules say I must now send this blog award to 7 other people (sorry was only able to do 6 as the poor pup was whining to go out - nature calls). This is the first time I do this so hope I am doing it correctly. Awarded bloggers must put the award on their site and link back to my blog and then you have to go out there and select 7 of your "Love" blogs and link them on your website. Have fun!


29 Black Street

Honeysuckle Lane

La Donna Welter

Peach Street Primitives

Primitive Bettys

Sam I Am Creations


Susan said...

thanks Joni ! Hope you had a perfect Sunday. I need to think about what 7 blogs I'll pick ... think I'll try to choose all new (not mentioned already on my blog). Off for my early morning beach walk with Miss D. xo, S.

AKI-G@UL said...

Nice to visit in your site. Have a nice day and Greeting's from Jakarta, Indonesia !

Lana said...

Thank you Joni! I'll try to remember to do this next time I blog.

Have a beautiful day!