Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Autumn & Fall Baking

It has been crisp and cool and that always brings to mind yummy baking. I don't bake during the week as I work outside the home but Saturday early in the morning is a great time for me. It is quiet and the sun streams into the kitchen window. This past summer I went to King Arthur's store in Norwich, VT. Oh my it was heaven on earth! I had been meaning to go for a few years. Here I found shelves of baking equipment and ingredients, the smell of freshly baked goods permeated the air.

On Sunday we have a family gathering and I've decided to bake a couple of desserts. 21 people and all sweet eaters! Happened to get the newsletter from King Arthur with this Caramel Apple Cake as their feature recipe. The recipe can be found here. Caramel Apple Cake Recipe.

A good excuse to use up some of those apples from the local orchard.

Then of course there is the zucchini harvest. I'm always up for trying a new chocolate zucchini cake recipe. For those who don't like this veggie - they don't have to know ;).

This was one I also found on King Arthur's web site.

Here is the link for the recipe and the link to their BLOG. Definitely worth a read.

Which one to make.. maybe both. Have to run Heroes is on and I have been waiting for months.



Doreen said...

OH MYYYY GOODDDNESSS...The carmel apple cake looks amazing...I am going to make it this week to bring to "Parent's Weeked" at my childrens College. Thank you for sharing the recipe.

LOVE your work.


Trudy said...

My mouth was watering just looking at both of those cakes:) I am going to try the caramel one for sure.

I just love your blog!
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Wooly hugs,
Peterborough Ontario

Sam I Am said...

ohhhh my goddd..this cake looks devine!!!!!!!! yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :)