Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring is Here!

I decided to do some spring designs. To me hares do not necessarily mean Easter - they are a sign of spring. In the morning I can see the tracks criss-crossing the backyard. They've been foraging under the snow for some spring greens which are finally popping up. I do have a small lake in the backyard due to all the rain we have been having. It's a favourite watering hole for birds and playful squirrels. Yesterday Roby found it and decided he would just plop himself in it. He has very long fur so we had a very wet soggy belly dragging itself through the house. I have given up on trying to pick up every paw print. I have animals what can I say and spring time is bound to bring in some pawprints!

Spring is Here!
 These are two new designs in punch needle. The patterns will be for sale in a couple of days off my website and Patternmart as a download. Meanwhile the original pieces are for sale on PFATT.

Have a wonderful weekend..I am off to bake some peanut butter cookies with chocolate chunks and do some needlework.

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Jan said...

These are so cute. I love your designs. I may just have to go and purchase a couple of your patterns.
I also love perusing your blog. I hope you don't mind if I glean some ideas from you. I promise not to copy