Monday, March 14, 2011

Road Trip

A selection of Dorr wools
What a great weekend this past weekend. My sister and I went on a road trip down to New Hampshire. We left Saturday am and prayed for good weather. You never know up here when you are going through the mountains what you are going to run into. What was our destination? well where do all wool lovers go but Dorr Mills. It was the first time I brought my sister and she definitely could see why I loved stopping in at this place. It is paradise for me. So many treasures - so much wool - so much inspiration! I am like a kid in a candy store LOL.

Terry,the owner, showed me some new black wool that came in - perfect for wool applique kits and penny rugs. My mouth must have dropped a foot - I have never seen so many rolls of wool. Dear Lord I would have a hard time working there - I would be running my hand over each and every bolt and the colours - oh la la la! We came home with a trunk full and the Canadian government was happy to have their share (taxes) Thank God there is no longer any duty on wool - only if it is made in the USA.

Wool for my next dyeing projects
Now to find a place for these bolts. Requires major re-organization, long overdue. Realized that when our internet failed us this past weekend. I was glad I was not home or I would be chomping at the bit. Repairman was here when I got home and then poor him I had to dig a path to my phone line in order for him to check the line and I realized it is time to clean up and be serious about it. So this week is re-organizing the supply room!

With the kitchen renos I have been slowly cleaning out all the kitchen cupboards and recycling, giving away or throwing out the unnecessary and being quite brutal about it. Today was the pantry! Yikes. It wasn't too bad. Swore to myself though that only buy what you will need in the NEAR future and USE IT! Tomorrow the baking pantry gets a makeover because of course a trip to New Hampshire means a trip to King Arthur's flour. One of my favourite places. I came away with a few baking supplies from there so a good excuse to clean out and see what it is buried in there. Recipe for 2010 Great Cake winner here.

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake - winner of the 2010 Great Cake Contest

With what is happening in Japan - it gives you a jolt and you tend to rethink your life and what you can do to improve yourself and I think one of the things I am going to do is make a conscientious effort to be less wasteful. Buy what I need and use what I buy. This of course does not apply to wool! Everyone should have a harmless little vice and if I can say I LOVE having fibers and colour around me then I can consider that not such a terrible vice. Don't you think? We artists, do need our pretties to inspire us to create.

Having said that I discovered some beautiful ribbons that I am using in some of my pieces - cross stitch and punch needle. They are reasonably priced and have a beautiful lustre and the colours are gorgeous. You can find them on my website. I am also listing a whole bunch of new patterns from some very talented designers. I am getting those up this week. So drop on by and see what we have as NEW STUFF...

Good nite..Joni


Courtney said...

Lucky you, going over to Dorr!! I have to get up there. I've already told hubby we're going day tripping...poor man! That cake looks divine! Makes me want a little snack!
Have fun with the stash!

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Hi Joni,
What a fun road trip! I would love to go the Dorr Mill store but alas I live much too far away. You found some beautiful wools. And what a divine-looking cake! I love King Arthur flour. Thanks for the fun and inspiring post.

Kim said...

I'm not sure I could control myself at the Dorr Store. Just too tempting!