Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Critters

Today I thought I would show you two designers that I recently discovered. The kitty on the wool pillow is made by Judy Johnson of Bay Colony Designs - can you believe this is needlefelted. Such talent. You can find her on ETSY. She will even do a figure from a photo!

Being a passionate person about wool I have to admit that I do have a collection of sheep. I swore off collecting anything years ago when my collections just got out of control. So decluttering my life meant getting rid of some things and passing them on. Since then the only thing I do collect are sheep, bears and the occasional doll that speaks to me :) Because of my pact with myself I limit what I buy.

Having said that I came across Mary Stivers of Cedar Hill Rustics whose sheep are so well done! I love what she has created.


Courtney said...

Love your sheep! I have had to de-clutter collections myself. Yet, the thrill of the hunt is hard to pass up! I love needle felting. I don't do much of it yet, but I like the outcomes. The cat is amazing.

Kim said...

Great sheep. Collections have a way of getting out of hand but they are so much fun!