Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family and Baking

It's been a busy few days as it always seems before Christmas, for a lot of you too I am sure! Mom's birthday was celebrated on the weekend and the family got together at Madison's for a lunch get together. There were 13 of us and it was nice to see everyone. This is not the entire family - I don't even know how many we are - easily 25 - I guess... and no I am not in the picture.

I have been baking up a storm. I managed to take a picture of my specialty (meaning I make it every Christmas), they all seem to like these cream cheese pastries. Here is the link for the recipe if you want to download it.. I also baked some chocolate espresso cookies but the picture did not take on that one. Will try again before they are all eaten. It would be kind of nice if we had some snow though - it certainly would make it more like Christmas. I hope it will not be a green Christmas. That will be a first in a long long time! More baking scheduled for this week. 

I have been doing some rug hooking. I am doing a series of owls.. Why owls I don't know! I think I was inspired by a calendar that was done by my cousin Susan Black (Etsy Shop), and thought I would try my hand at sketching some designs. They are pretty simple and not very big. Can't seem to handle too many big projects these days. Yesterday I got my proddy tool. I looked at it and said "Now What". I had no clue as to how this thing worked. With the help of a friend I have mastered it LOL. I am going to Proddy the edge of a snowman rug (aka pillow)...We'll just see how that turns out. 

I am a little slow in posting/pictures as I am without glasses right now - broken - no spare - bad news. So working half blind...at least I have my sunglasses to drive with. Hopefully get them today.. so that has slowed me down. Off to do some more baking.. Have a great day! Joni 


moosecraft said...

Yum! Those pastries look delicious! I also enjoyed the rugs in the previous post... especially the little sheep in the first. I do hope you can get some glasses soon... has to be very frustrating... Merry Christmas to you!

Simply Wendy said...

Cream cheese pastries? Chocolate espresso cookies? Can you share these recipes? They sound awesome and I'm always looking for new recipes for my collection, especially for the holidays!