Monday, October 10, 2011

Road Trip - Bountiful Apples

Today on the spur of the moment my sister and I decided to go on a road trip. What a perfect day it was - warm and sunny and where could we go and what could we do..hmmm October - of course APPLES! So off we went!

We ended up going to Mont. St. Hilaire. To think it is only a 40 minute drive  and I have never been there. There are loads of apple orchards there - seems like the soil around the mountain is very suitable to apple trees. Makes for some very happy apples. red, plump and juicy!

We were not the only ones to get this brainstorm idea. Loads of families were making the trip. 

Many of the orchards even had farm animals to pet, swings etc. and picnic tables where you could bring your own food. I had no idea it was such a whirlwind of activity. One family had quite a set up with wine and hot meals! Then there were the tractors pulling beds full of people out to the orchards eager for their picking adventure. We of course headed to the baked good venue - hot apple pies, breads, and piping hot apple donuts with a swig of apple cider (non-alcoholic - driving of course).

After our shopping spree we headed to Otterburn Park just the next village over from St. Hilaire for some lunch. We found a wonderful little charcuterie owned by a chef who sells meats and also makes the most wonderful sandwiches on fresh mini baguettes.  After placing our order and drooling over the displays of food we hopped in the car and headed north along the Richelieu river for a place to stop and eat our bounty.

We found a beautiful little spot in another village that kindly had a little area of picnic tables right by the river and had our little lunch watching the ferry crossing and the occasional boat cruising the river.  After another visit to an orchard on the other side of the mountain where we had fresh apple fritters sprinkled with icing sugar - pure heaven - we head home. What a perfect fall day spent in the countryside. 

My bounty: homemade apple pie, apple bread,  ginger and lemon bread, croissants, almond croissants ( which I am just about to sink my teeth in), apple jelly and fruit ketchup.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


moosecraft said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Beautiful scenery and mouth watering apple delights! Sounds like a joyous weekend to me!

Kim said...

It was a perfect weekend for apple picking. Looks like a lot of fun. Happy Thanksgiving.

Susan said...

happy thanksgiving to you too !
much love, Susan