Monday, October 31, 2011

My Gals!

After a frustrating morning driving downtown I needed some relaxation so picked up my hook to finish my gals. They are ready to hit the shops - them rug hooking shops of course that sell gads of wool in all the most beautiful colours. Now on to the background. Thought I would do a paisley sky a la deanne fitzpatrick. By the way this is her design. I just love her big boned girls. My last UFO to get done and then.....
got lots more new projects/ideas stacked on the shelf - ready to have wool and hook taken to them.

Have you seen Susan Quicksall's designs from Holly Hill? I am sure you have in the various rug hooking magazines. She is amazing. Just ordered her dye book - these use Prochem, which I have not used as of yet so that will be a new adventure! There is a colour I have seen which is gorgeous - vergis.

So sorry for all you folk having rough weather down south. I think it should be me, up here North of you, who should have some of that snow - but I would be happy if it held off until December 20th.  

Happy Halloween...Joni

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moosecraft said...

The gals looks fabulous! Deanne's designs are so happy and carefree... i hope to hook one some day!