Friday, October 28, 2011

Mittens and Purse.. What I am Working on

This is a wonderful purse pattern by Loretta Moore from Hooked on the Lake.  Everything is included except the lining. She has a very nice selection of some primitive purse patterns. They are easy and fast to hook and I am just about to start putting it together. I want to get it finished this week because next weekend I will be going to the Glebe Community Center in Ottawa where they are holding a fibre fest. Loretta will be there as a vendor. I am hoping to bring it as a fait accompli!

This was a recommended site by Loretta of another rug hooker who designs these great mitten kits. This is next on my to do list. These are not normally my colours, but I find it is sometimes a good thing to pick up a kit in colours that are outside of your comfort zone. It's a great exercise in hooking with them and getting comfortable being outside the box. These are from Tish of  Tishkits.

and what are you hooking these days....... goodnite, Joni


Courtney said...

I like that purse a lot. I'm into more prim colors too, but I held a class for 5th graders last spring and they liked the bright colors best. I'm finishing a larger rug...which means I'm not doing anything, actually! LOL I have a great Thanksgiving pattern in the wings...might be ready next year!

Kim said...

Those mittens are very cool. Fun little project.