Saturday, February 26, 2011

Packing Day

Today was spent packing up my mother-in-law for the move to her new place. It will be an early and hopefully bright Monday morning when we get her into her new abode. I often wonder how elderly people manage if they don't have kids (family) who come around and visit them and help them cope with some of the stressful issues that can come up. Having been right in the thick of senior care for the past 3 years you get to know what is happening out there with our elderly folk - what resources there are. 
Where she is now there are not many of the elderly who get visited. It's like time has forgotten them and everyone is too busy with their lives. I miss the way it was when the family was a real extended family who could often be in each others face - a little aggravating at times -  but you knew there were people that had common ties with you and cared for your well being. It is a sad state of affairs. 

This is a new project I have just put toegther. It gets started tonight - today was the selection of colour and I think this says spring!

 Have you seen these new project envelopes from Lady Dot Creations. They use Blackbird fabric (which I love!). I think they are so pretty and so nice to carry from here to there- better than some old plastic bag - which I have a tendency to use. I have some available on my website in three different colours. I have my next project using up one of them and they do hold a lot of items.
Off to do some cross stitch. Good nite!

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