Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yay Canada..

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I have the Olympics on in the background. I am so not a sports fan but come every two years I am glued to the TV - especially the winter ones - my faves. Yay Canada! I think Vancouver is doing a fine job as a host city, seems like a lot going on and finally they have snow in them thare hills :) It is all very exciting. Clara Hughes just won a bronze for Canada, her last Olympics, beautiful!

I am trying something new. I love discovering new creative things to do. I have my paints, vintage photos and tags in front of me on the dining room table. It is a perfect day for it. My day off and big fat snowflakes gently falling. I could easily hibernate for the winter. Mind you it has been a really wonderful winter. Hardly any snow and mild temps - so nothing to complain about.

This is a technique of blending chalk inks on a base (my tag) applying some stamping and then doing a transparency overlay with contact paper (bunny pic). Much scratching and shaking of the head - gritting the teeth and one tag is produced. "Patience my dear" should be tatooed on my forehead.

After my first dozen transparencies, some few choice words- I have one fairly successful tag.
Now on to practice getting a few more under my belt and watching more Olympics....women's bobsled coming up and two Canadian teams in 1st and 4th.

G'nite Joni

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