Friday, February 26, 2010

A Fine Day at the Games

So a wonderful couple of days for Canadians at the Olympics. Great gold game of women's hockey, an emotional skate of Joannie for the bronze, a silver for women's curling and just saw the men's 500 m short track - a gold and a bronnze and one heck of a wild finish! My gosh all these athletes put their heart and soul in all these events.. what a wonderful accomplishment for all participating athletes to even have made the Olympics..

I am so non-athletic though in my heydey I did ski - now I'm too afraid to meet those kamakasi kids on the slopes and end up with broken bones. Instead I spend my evenings doing my crafts. Well after my baby steps into trying this new method of mixed media tags I have come up with some successes. I'll post those later - have to embellish them a bit.

I did finish a punch needle - a spring design called "Hare & Tulips". The original will be for sale on March 1st at The Primitive Gathering and the pattern is available too. Loved making this one and used my hand dyed wool threads. Just seems to give the piece more of a hooked rug appearance and a softer finish to it.

Well the 5000m relay is about to start and Canada is in for the race so I am off to watch that and keep my fingers crossed - talk about a melee of skaters on the ice - unbelievably fast and wild. The craziest sport I saw this year was a new one called cross ski and cross snowbarding - 4 skiers racing down a  hill at the same time - unreal!

Ok I am off.. g'nite.. Joni

PS.. We (Canada) won the gold in the men's 5000 relay - unbelievable skate!

Here is a great link to check out all the standings and doings of the OLYMPICS.

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RNNJ said...

Was visiting your website, Joni, and saw that you have a blog. Well-done!
I am still happily hooking your spot-dyes into my rugs. Yours are the best!
Love Roby and the picture of him on the snowy street. I love the solitude that comes w/snow, too. And the quiet is soothing.
Be well.
Kathleen in NJ