Saturday, January 2, 2010

Never Too Late

It is hard to believe it is a new year - 2010! Where does the time go. I find the older I get the faster it goes and there is less time to do all the things I want to do, read the books I want to read and see the places I want to see. Good wishes to all for a very happy 2010.

There are two times of the year when I feel inspired to take on new projects - the fall and the beginning of a New Year. With the snow falling gently the past few days and the twinkling of little white lights around the house - this is my time with the bustle of the holidays finished. My thoughts turn to what can I create.

Years ago I bought a rug hooking punch needle (Oxford) which I just could not get a handle on and was very discouraged. I could not understand the process of working from the back and the design appearing on the front. Since I have been doing embroidery punchneedle for 4 years, I now have a renewed interest in trying my hand at the rug punching. You use wool yarn instead of wool fabric. Then I thought I do love my hand dyed wool yardage and how instead will solid yarns translate to a rug. I have decided my first project will be a carpet bag. You know one of those big sturdy bags that were popular eons ago. I like making things that are practical. They say punching a rug is faster than hooking one - we'll see. I am all for fast projects. I can produce more and experiment and I decided I can always dye my own wool yarn.

This is a great source (Halycon Yarns) for all the yarn your heart might desire for rug hooking. You can also conventionally hook using the wool. I am in the mood to try something new and I never totally give up on something. It might be put aside for days, months or years but I always go back to it.Hmmmm....that might explain my lack of space and full shelves. 

Some of the wonderful yarns from Halcyon and a punch needle for rug punching..

Happy New Year.
G'nite Joni

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