Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little Can Go A Long Way

These days have been very difficult with what is happening in  Haiti. Here we go on with our lives knowing the terrible suffering that is going on in Haiti. What we take for granted - food, water, shelter and medical attention is a fight for survival amongst the Haitians. I was listening to the radio and one of the broadcasters had mentioned that he had gone out for supper with his wife and another couple  -the talk was of Haiti as it seems to turn to many times these days. There was a feeling of guilt that here they were enjoying a good meal and spending money when people in Haiti were in the most difficult race for survival. So what they did was that whatever they paid for their meal they contributed the same thing to the Haitian fund. It was a little thing to do but a lot of little things can up to a big thing!

Yes I have that guilt too - but life goes on and we try to do what we can as best we can. I ask myself many times - do I need this or do I want this. Sometimes it will be that you just want it  (ie wool and fabric) but as long as you ask yourself that question constantly I think you are made more aware that there are many people out there less fortunate than you (well me anyway) so best not to complain - appreciate what you have and do what you can for your neighbour. I guess this a further excercise for me in examining my priorities in life.

So in saying a little bit helps... do what you can.There is a wonderful organization called Knitters Without Borders started by a knitter whose donations are directed to Doctors without Borders. There is a running total and already $234,000 has been given since Wednesday last with 2000 e-mails still to be tallied!

Don't forget Haiti and all the other souls less fortunate than us that share this small planet of ours.
G'nite Joni

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