Monday, November 9, 2009

A Simple Life

It has been absolutely beautiful these past few days – we are definitely into our Indian summer. Everything seems to be late this year. I don’t think we can even consider that we had a summer and our autumn was pretty wet. So these days are much appreciated and ideal to clean up the outside of the house and prepare for the onslaught of winter. Everything has to be tucked away from the harshness of the elements.

I know people think I am crazy but I do love my winters – probably won’t when I get older but who knows with on-line ordering really why would I ever have to go out in the winter except on a nice sunny day. I love my wintry days with snow falling and the silence is unbelievable. Perfect time to be reading, rug hooking, knitting and the myriad other crafts I get involved in. Well enough of that since it will be here sooner than ever and I know you are reading this and saying is she nuts!  Especially when it looks like this.

I was talking to my brother and he asked when we were going to Vermont – that is our annual pre-Thanksgiving trip. We go the weekend before to pick up our Christmas turkey, which is so much cheaper than here at home. The point being – oh my Lord it is already the 9th and where did it all go – all that time I thought I had to knit those socks, mitts and make all those gifts I wanted to make. I keep saying I have to start earlier, well I think I need to start in July – No wonder they call it Christmas in July! So some things won’t make my list but that is ok – I have learned over the years not to delude myself into thinking I am super woman, just take everything in stride and prioritize that is my buzz word.

This past weekend I spent exploring the Quebec countryside north of us. It is amazing what you will come upon driving meandering roads through the mountains. I was on the hunt for beeswax for another project I have in mind – can you believe it for Christmas! More of that later….

I did finish not a pair of sock but only one sock – I do that knit 3 at a time and then go back to finish up the pair. This way I am not bored. I took out my punch needle (been awhile) and made a small little design which I then put on a black felted zippered purse along with some appliquéd wool. This was so much fun and I plan to make more of these using different designs. The appliqué brings back my love of quilting and playing with layers of fabric. Then of course I am into adding beads to things now – so the zipper pull has some beads hanging from it.

This one is called A Simple Life and I was not content to have a blank side staring me in the face so I proceeded to appliqué on that one also. The original and the kits are being offered for sale tomorrow on Pfatt Marketplace. I only have a limited number of kits right now.

So I have been busy and another punch needle is in the works. The framed original will be for sale and the pattern will be released at a later date. I am trying to finish up some cross stitch ornaments with beading – similar to my punch needle ones of last year which sold like hot cakes at a show I did but I have found out that cross stitch is very intensive and teeny tiny besides taking a whole lot more time to do. Whether they make it this year or not – this NOT superwoman will decide.

Off to get some craft time in…G’ nite - Joni

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