Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Textures & Colours to Delight the Soul

Another rainy day today – This morning at 5:30 the sun was peeking through but by the time I got my day going it was torrential rains. That seems to be the story of the summer up here on my island in the St. Lawrence River. One never knows what the weather will be as we are situated in the middle of a valley between the mountain ranges north of us and south of us in Vermont.
Last week was cool and comfortable - this week heavy and humid (which by the way I hate). It’s been a topsy turvy summer in more ways than one.

I have been having fun with some of my smaller punch needle designs – and if you want to know what punch needle is all about peek in at The Primitive Gathering where you can get a lowdown of what it is all about plus a couple of my more seasonal pieces are for sale. This month for PFATT Marketplace I did some quick thinking. What is practical and yet pretty? I had bought these felted mini purses – they are 100% wool Fair Trade from Nepal. Add some of the punch needle and voila. I am into beading so added some felt and glass beads. I love the subtle play of light on glass beads.

I have been adding beads to my knitted socks and to some of my punch needle designs. My next step is to make bracelets – I love the ones that have all those funky beads especially lamp work ones. No I am not about to attempt to go into the jewelry business – this is something I enjoy in my spare time – at this point Peter would interject – what spare time is that??

I am quickly knitting a pair of socks for my mother- in-law in a hand painted wool called Macintosh put out by AppleLaine. I had bought the skeins from an online website Earthfaire – which is such a delight and I love all their yarns, beads and kits. If only I could knit faster. So I got the wool –which was to be a beaded scarf and then decided a few days before my MIL’s birthday that these would make beautiful socks. So two days past her birthday my fingers are flying! I then discovered that this wool is local wool from Ottawa. What heaven! This called for a road trip (2 hour drive) to see all their sumptuous wools in their true colours. It’s a beautiful wool/mohair and silk blend, knits like a dream and so soft. I can confidently say there will be more of these skeins in my wool basket waiting to be turned into little treasures.

Since taking up knitting again I have to say that I am awed by the amount of hand dyed wool out there and the quality of the wool. To knit today is such a pleasure with the resources that abound. Unfortunately when I get going on a new craft – I tend to go overboard. It’s good I have limited space what with all the other crafts taking their place in my home. This calls for a good clean up to see what can be got rid of. I keep saying that but then I pick up my punch needle or my rug hooking and now knitting and say another day. Nothing gets done but a lot of creativity and where would I be without that to enhance my life.

Have a great day - Joni

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