Sunday, August 30, 2009

Orchids and Summer's End

Oh my it has turned cold - where did the summer go -I think we had two weekends of summer weather and the rest has been pretty dismal. They say we are going to have a warm winter well that means ice. Because we are surrounded by water in a valley we have been getting more rain during the winter that turns to freezing rain. The bane of my existence. I hate the stuff - it is dangerous and every Montrealer cringes with fear at the mention of freezing rain - hearkening back to that one terrible January years ago when we had freezing rain and is forever more known as THE ICE STORM...hearts flutter in fear.

But hey it is still officially summer and my orchids are still outside and have been blooming since Spring. It is the only indoor plant I can grow can you believe it!

I am working on some special projects right now but did happen to get together a few things to sell on The Primitive Gathering on Sept,1st. Here is a sneak preview of them with the thought of Halloween just around the corner. I have already started making my Christmas gifts. We sort of informally agreed that giftgiving would be handmade stuff this year which I am only too happy to do. It can be homemade edibles or any craft item. We are all pretty crafty and love to cook so there will some really great wowers to be found under the Christmas tree. I just love a gift that says "I thought about you!"

Tomorrow is sock washing day - have to block all those handmade socks to be put on Etsy next month - next month is a couple of days isn't it LOL! I am trying a new wool soap so I will let you know how it goes with that. Time to make raspberry pie tomorrow. I think this is the last crop of the season and we have been eating them all summer just plain - so delicious like that but one pie has to be made.

It's 1:00am and Roby (my dog) is making his nest which means time to go bed. I wonder why dogs do that. He scratches and paws and rearranges his blankets and just plops himself down with a big old sigh and as my mother-in-law once told me - Good ole bed - which I am thinking sounds just about right..

Good Ole Bed - G'nite.. Joni

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