Sunday, August 16, 2009

Muggy Weekend , Happy Crafting

Well it has been a hot and muggy weekend and Monday brings no release. They have high humidity, heat warnings and smog alerts out so that means stay inside and no excessive exertion.

While watching a football game on TV yesterday (while I was reading of course) I saw fans wearing coats and rain gear. They are getting cool temps in the prairies. This summer, Canada has seen such a diversity of weather. If one part is having a drought the other side is having rain like never before seen. They say our crops across the country are in jeopardy if the weather does not stabilize. Of course that means higher prices for all of our food!

Speaking of food – which I love- but I have to say I am not a very adventuresome eater. I am more of a traditionalist though not a big fan of meat. I love baking- especially during the holidays. On our way home yesterday from the senior citizens home, there is a market with local produce where I drop by to get my week’s supply of fruit and vegetables. It is not cheaper but it is definitely fresher and the produce seems to last longer. I focused in on the berries. The wild blueberries have made it to market and they are wonderful. I love baking with them. There were raspberries which are coming to the end of the season and the strawberries are plump, juicy and sweet. No sugar needed on these! I was steered to a site called Joy of Baking which has all kinds of great baking recipes. Two that I especially want to make are strawberry/banana muffins and lemon blueberry tea bread. Mmmmmm… Now if only I can save some of the berries. I am snacking on a bowl of them while I write this.

My brother’s party was a great success – there was too much food! My sister- in-law is Greek so we had some traditional Greek dishes mixed in with our traditional dishes of pasta salads and greens. The kids had such a joie de vivre swimming and doing belly flops in the pool. It was a very relaxing and wonderful time. It’s a little something different from my usual crafty weekends.

I mentioned in a previous e-mail my love of beads and have used them in my punch needle designs. They are especially nice during the holiday season when I start doing my Christmas ornaments. This year I started making bracelets – nothing too complicated as it is not something I am going to really delve into but just a little something different than the needle work. I am learning wire work right now but in this piece no wirework was used. It was knitted – yes knitted I said. When I first read about it – I said no way but with the right tools it is a breeze and I love that it whips up quickly and that they make a wonderful gift which has a wow factor.

These are the new socks I am knitting. They will be on sale at Wooly Footsies in September. Don’t you just love the colour combination? They are my funky socks and they are always a surprise while knitting. I am excited to see what new colour or pattern emerges. If you have not realized it yet I can get easily distracted by other projects so I need several on the go so that I can flit from what thing to another. I don’t produce a project as quickly as I could if I concentrated on one but happen to complete 3 or 4 at the same time. With socks I find it more stimulating to finish one half – go on to another style and then go back to the first one. I am like that when reading a book. I don’t read one but have usually 3 on the go.

I just finished Jodi Picoult’s Handle with Care. I am a great fan of hers and have been following her since I picked up her first book years ago. She always writes about controversial subjects and really questions the ethics of situations. There is never a black and white but a lot of gray areas. This, her latest book was true to form and I loved it. She is the only author, whose book I will buy in hardcover as soon as it comes out. The movie “My Sister’s Keeper”, which just played in theatres was based on one of her most recent books. I have to say I was disappointed with the movie. The ending was changed and it became a Hollywood ending. The whole message that the book portrayed was lost by this change. I much preferred the book. Often I find that happens and I wonder what the author thinks who wrote the book. My rule of thumb is always to read the book first as it was intended.

So I started off with football and ended up with reading with a whole of crafting in between.
Have a great day - Joni

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