Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Snow - OK enough!

Roby eating fresh snow & my back deck.

My car and driveway buried under snow - no dog walking tonight!

Happy 2008! A new year - new projects - new thoughts - new beginnings. What a way to bring in 2008 - another winter storm. It seems like it has been snowing every day. Another 15 cm today. We cancelled our NY day activities as no one is out and about. The roads have not even plowed nor has my trusty little guy come to plow me out. Not that I plan on going anywhere. Roby just loves new fresh snow - he has been in and out about 20 times today just so he can lick away at the snow. Then he prances in all ready for a rub down with his favourite towel. Dogs are such creatures of habit. He constantly amazes me.

It was a day to stay snuggled under a quilt with a good book and finishing up some rug hooking. Have been fighting a cold - hate getting sick. There is just something not right about being sick on your holidays. There go all the plans. Never got to making the rugelach but will have to as the cream cheese is bought and it is pretty expensive to throw out - my thriftiness will just not allow that.

We had a wonderful feed of Chinese food although we had to wait an hour for take out - a very popular place and it did not help that they lost our order. I unfortunately have little patience and thought it poor customer service that they did not discount our meal for having waited an hour before they discovered it lost.

Soap plans are underway - just mulling about the recipe and the presentation - for me always an important part of the product. Off to rug hook some more - deadline fast approaching!

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Peach Street ~ Jamie said...

Glad you jumped in with us bloggers Joni. You're off to a great start...now I'm hungry for Chinese and rugelach!