Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Baking Tradition

In our family the girls - two sisters and Mum get together at the beginning of December and have a Christmas baking marathon for a whole day. By the time we are finished I don't think we want to look at a cookie - between all the sampling going on. They all go in our freezers and come out when we want a little sweetie. Recipe - each person comes to the bakethon with two recipes and any special ingredients and as a foursome we get an assembly line going - add some laughter, Christmas music - some mishaps and a lot of fun makes a great tradition!

This morning I am visiting my FIL for the first time in his new place of residence. On Monday we had to put him in a nursing home so it has been a few days of sadness around here. I will be picking my MIL up and we will pay a visit laden with goodies (this plate of cookies being one). I am anxious to see how he is adapting to this change and hope it will not be too sad for all of us.

I was up with the birds this morning - well probably before the birds because I sure did not hear them chirping at 4:30am. What to do. Not tired enough to snooze until the day's activities start and hated to be unproductive so I started a new punch needle using a drawing by Lori of Notforgotten Farm. Very apropos for this time of the year - a primitive heart in hand with a key. I think this will become a pin cushion for my upcoming venue on TDIPT. Always trying to find new things to offer customers. My soap goes on sale on PFATT tomorrow along with a punch needle I mounted on a wooden hornbook. One of my most successful patterns actually - There is just something about sheep and quilt blocks!

Will be breaking out the dye pots tonight. Just get me going and there is no stopping me. I love seeing the colours evolve during a dye bath and then seeing all the wool threads hanging on racks is certainly very satisfying.

Off to start the day's activities....


Suzanne said...

Hi Joni~ Yummy, those look good! Are there any left? :)
Hope the visit with your FIL went well. I've added your blog to my blog's artist list.

Sam I Am said... sure your father in law will just LOVE this plate of yumminess :) :) :)