Friday, January 4, 2008

Pretty Things

Cavallini notebook and butterfly stamps

Nicely textured paper

I treated myself to a trip to the local art supply store and took a browse down the aisles and found the perfect paper to wrap my soap in - some beautifully textured banana fiber paper. I think it will complement the honey, soy and wheat germ soap that I plan on having for sale on Jan 10th on Pfatt Marketplace.

Also came across some wonderful products by Cavellini - a beautiful set of stamps - butterflies and a notebook which I hope will inspire some very creative thoughts. I do love all their pretty things! My cousin got me interested in their product. She writes a wonderful blog which you should check out 29 Black Street.

Have finally dug the car out and took it for a run today with Roby in the back - he so enjoys a good car ride - just sits and watches out the window. Heard on the radio that gas was going up to 1.194 a litre so hurried over to the station to fill up. That is up .08 a litre -where is it heading to. Someone is making money off of us and I would like to know who! Out of my control so I just plan my local trips better and try to use less travel time. Helped this week that I did not use the car for 4 days.

Finally finished my sheep rug yesterday - I just love it and have not decided whether to sell it or not. May use it for a door topper ( a hooked rug placed over a door in the shape of a semicircle. Us hookers have to find whatever space is available :). I can only show a picture after the 6th - it was a secret challenge. Now onto other things. I want to do something with the bird paper I bought - maybe cover a box with it and put some hand painted distressed eggs in it - I would like to try some wool felted eggs with perhaps some decorative stitches using some wool threads I just dyed. The problem being there never seems to be enough time for all these things. I have to keep a notebook or I tend to forget all the spur of the moment ideas.

I entered a new challenge and this is for a big rug so must give that some thought as to what I want in it. I have some ideas but they are not all there yet. Definitely primitive and I am not sure if I want to relate it to my life as it was or my life as I want it to be. That probably did not make sense - or maybe just be whimsical and have fun with it. I don't know what I would do if I did not have these decisions to make. It keeps me alive in spirit with a zest of anticipation and wonder as to how things will turn out. I tell Peter that I am never bored and cannot understand the concept of boredom. My problem is I don't know how to slow down :).

Roby is here curled on my feet reminding me that he needs some loving pats and attention - so off we go - to bind my rug while watching a movie or two.


Susan said...

so glad that you had a successful shopping trip to the big new art supply store . I can't wait to see the sheep rug and am excited to hear about the details of your new "big" challenge rug

BumbleVee said...

aha....! Susan is your cousin! I guess you do know about the house for sale then...hahahhah.....if yours is smaller...maybe the two of you could just trade.... seeing as she wants smaller...