Saturday, September 21, 2013

Summerside Farmer's Market

Went to Summerside Farmer's Market early this morning and I was hoping to see the rug show at Eptek. Found out the exhibition is only open on weekdays and Sunday.. so put off for another day. We did go to the Farmer's Market in the old Holman building. It was down some stairs on the bottom floor and the walls were old stone.. so interesting. The building was built 1857. It was a small venue but had everything you would need. It was doing a bustling business. At least it was not the craziness of the Charlottetown market, which we have sworn off of. 

These were my goodies from the market....
Bluebarb Pie and Grandma's ginger cookies from Shipwright's.
Fresh yellow beans
Blueberry lemon tarts and a mini carrot cake
Fresh smoke cured bacon - highly recommended by Chef Norm.

Then off we went back to Kensington to check out Al Picketts' Eureka Garlic... oh heavenly smell. Such a nice fellow and I'll be visiting again for my black garlic and other garlic buds. Did pick up some powdered garlic green scapes (again highly recommended by Chef Norm) and some garlic sand. The scapes are the top of the immature garlic which are dried and ground.. sweet and bitterness with this product. Here is a great link to find out more about black garlic and Eureka.

Have a great day... more pics of Summerside harbour.

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Three Sheep Studio said...

Mouthwatering Farmers Market finds !
Your pics are beautiful.
The pretty houses on the water are magical.