Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Culinary Studio in PEI

Annie's Culinary Studio in New London, PEI

This year I took two classes at Annie's. She bought this old church in New London two years ago and renovated the interior.It contains a professional kitchen with a long, large store counter that divides the space into two. The other part contains a long antique banquet table where we get to sample what we have cooked. There are antiques and memorabilia of the church spread around the walls along with some comfy chairs. It's a beautiful, relaxing place to learn some new cooking skills. Chef Norman is a fountain of knowledge and only too willing to share what he knows. I have had two wonderful lunches as a result of the classes and have enjoyed it so much. 

Last week I took a course on cooking with potatoes. So we made potato bannock (this is going to be my go to quick bread), potato latkes that were topped with Island smoked salmon, capers and a herbed sour cream, chocolate potato cake to die for and lastly potato gnocchi. I never knew it was so easy to make. 

I brought some of the gnocchi home and tonight I made a bechamel sauce with red onions, red peppers, yellow/green zucchini,some island summer savoury and garlic. It was fast - easy and delicious! Definitely will be making more gnocchi at home and freezing it in portions. So much tastier than the store bought kind!

My version of homemade potato gnocchi

Yesterday I took a course on soup making.. it was a potato bacon chowder with smoked island trout and the second one was a Middle Eastern soup called Harira - a traditional Ramadan Soup which was so exotic in flavours and so delicious. It had lentils, chickpeas, rice, tomato and onion with spices I would not normally put in soup - cinnamon, cumin, ginger and tumeric.
Along with that we had 15 minute bread which was a course I took last year and the only bread I make - so easy.

Taking a course at Annie's is always so exciting and can't wait to see what she has planned for next year!

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moosecraft said...

Wow! Everything looks yummy! I'd take a class or two there if I lived a bit closer!