Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Island View

This is my view as I work on my wool applique project. Dunes and the Atlantic ocean to one side and the bay to the other. A great panoramic view. How inspired can you be! It has certainly led to a number of sketches which I hope to put to canvas. The Island that holds my heart is where I find my peace and creativity.

The boats were already on the water harvesting the bounty from the sea on the bay this morning. We are located on a peninsula just jutting out to the ocean with the Atlantic on one side and Malpeque Bay on the other. It can make for some windy days. When the wind blows you can hear the ocean waves pounding on the shore. Yesterday we spent exploring parts of the Island and there is no place on PEI that is not beautiful.

So this is my latest project and I am using the interface method and not sure if I am liking it. This is a pattern called Prairie Rose available on my website and the designer uses an applique method of applying Steam a Seam to the wool. I am a traditionalist and I usually use a pin and baste method of appliqueing. I am not comfortable with the feel of the wool and the addition of the adhesive on the back. I'll persevere with it but I think that after this it will be back to the old method of pin and baste. I guess I don't like anything between me and my wool :) The last wool applique I did was my way and I loved doing it and it worked just fine. I guess the best thing is to use what works for you!

Off to explore more of the Island today. After coming here for so many years you would think I have seen it all but there is always your favourites you go back to and new places tucked away waiting to be discovered.

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moosecraft said...

Beautiful pictures! I could almost here the ocean! I tried that steam a seam with a small wool applique and I'm with you. I just do not like the feel of it. Makes it stiff. Happy stitching!