Friday, September 23, 2011

Fibers Galore

Before crossing the bridge to the Island we visited Deanne Fitzpatrick's rug hooking studio in Amherst, Nova Scotia. If you want to give your creative muses a jolt this is the place to go! Fibers abound in saturated hues of all kinds. There are piles of fun yarn and fleece to incorporate in your rugs to give it some interesting texture. What intrigued me were the packages of fibers that were wrapped up in pretty yarn to whet your hooking appetite. I could not resist and fell upon this rose/pink bundle. I have a specific design in mind - a traditional island scene.

 Also picked up a Fall bundle ( my favourite season) and an ocean bundle to use in the design I bought at the studio.

You can't see it here but this is a lady mermaid with Deanne's trademark Wonky Houses. These houses will be hooked up in Maritime colours - a little out of my comfort zone as they are bright colours. She has also drawn up paisleys for the sky which is a new touch of hers in her designs. Certainly adds some whimsy to the piece. Can't wait to get started on this one but I do have a couple of others that have to be completed. You would think being a stay at home person would give me more time to hook but time just seems to fly right by. My goal is to hook more and do at least half an hour a day if not more! I've come to the realization that I love it too much not to.


Jacqueline said...

love what you picked out in colors and fibers. Hope you show your work in progress

moosecraft said...

Deanne's designs are so much fun! Have fun playing with that color... you're much braver than me and my prim earthtones! lol!