Monday, October 25, 2010

Perfect Fall Weekend

Saturday was glorious. Crisp air, leaves filled with colour and the scent of wood smoke in the air. I just love this time of the year. I get all these creative urges that just have to be put to fabric and they drift through my mind at all times  - when I can be doing the most mundane things. Helps to carry a notepad in your purse and more recently an IPhone (yes, I of no cell phone for 4 years have caved in). I call it my security blanket for winter driving up here. It definitely came in handy when I was in PEI as I had no internet access and did you know that you can use it as a server for the internet. OK I am not the most computer adept person but hey that just boggled my mind! The biggest plus - the pictures I can take!

A perfect fall day
So Roby and I made our monthly trek to the vet along with some errands that had to be done and we then treated ourselves to a walk by the lake. It was so beautiful. We met some other furries and it was a big social gab. What is it about animals and kids - it brings out the best in people.

My furry beast!
This weekend was "Let's get this show on the road for the November Artisan Show". You always think you have enough time and you prepare a year in advance and yet it is always the last month that is a frenzy of activity with new ideas and do I have enough time to fit it in. I'll be posting some of my pieces over the next couple of weeks. Here is one of several clutch purses that I purchased from Nepal (fair trade) and did some doodling with wool over the weekend. I had so much fun with these. I call them my doodle purses. Have a great evening!

Wool Doodle Purse

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