Friday, October 15, 2010

Island Storm

Thunder Cove Beach
Hard to believe it is already the middle of October. Seems like it has been ages since we got back from our island holiday (and no that is not a tropical island) but the gentle island cradled in the ocean's embrace - Prince Edward Island. The weather was nothing to write home about but who cares with the awe inspiring view we had - mother nature at her full force. Best of all we are back on the island in the spring. Winter will breeze by :)
Thunder Cove Beach

Lots of changes, decisions and planning happening in this little life of  mine. All very good though! The focus this month is getting ready for the Artisan Craft show in Hudson, Quebec on November 13/14th. If you are in the area drop by as it is a great opportunity to see what the local artisan community is up to and most important show support for hand made items. 

Hudson Show 2009

I am busy creating and doing. I always plan on what I am going to have at my booth but inevitably I get really creative with new ideas and end up trying to do too much. Fall happens to be my favourite time of year and very inspiring. So I have learned to pace myself time wise and not be superwoman. Save some of those ideas for later on.  

I'll be posting some of the new creations on my blog and I did get two rugs finished while I was on holidays. Hmm the island is definitely an inspirational place for me.

Off to get ready for work.. have a great day ..........

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